PHP: Is it Dead?

PHP has been around for years, and will still be used for a long time to come for at least one kind of website, blogging. This is all thanks to WordPress and the numerous other PHP based CMS applications currently around today.

Sure PHP is no longer the most cutting age technology, but come to think of it was it ever?

Sure it was very useful in creating websites fast and quick, but it was never designed to be used in the scale of software engineering to the level that it tried to be. Cracks started showing, at least until the changes to the engine in PHP 7.

PHP 7 brought in features that many would argue (and I’m one of them) should have been in there at the beginning. Along with the speed increase, the introduction of strict data types andĀ scalar type hints have made PHP act like a proper programming language.

Yet is all this too late? With all of the other languages improving and PHP not moving forward for many years, the role PHP had has been taken over by Javascript using NodeJs. it does make sense after all using one language for both front and back end.

So this would mean that the future would seem to beĀ 

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